When: May 18th - May 19th

What: Walking around the track with your SCE buddies to help raise money to fight cancer and to help those affected by the disease

Who: Everyone!

The event runs 24 hours (Noon-Noon), and we have a club goal to raise $2,000. That's less than $10 a member, so I'm really hopeful we can reach that point. The format of the event is pretty relaxed; basically we just have clusters of people walk around the track during every hour dressed up for the "theme" of that hour (80s, show me your major, etc). There will be a variety of events held for participants throughout the night (energy drink pong, Smile and Nod), and of course whatever other fun activities we choose to bring along. It's a blast and a great way to form friendships with other SCE-ers, so if you're interested, contact Keegan at 


When: May 3-5

What: Help out with a world-famous triathelon!

Who: Anyone who likes a good time!


We are signed up to volunteer at this year's Wildflower Triathelon, which is one of the world's largest triathelons! The coordinators expect about 7,000 participants and can use all the help they can get! We could be doing anything from directing during the bicycle stage to cooking for the athletes when the day is done. More details are to come. If you are interested in signing up, contact Keegan at