Open House (5)

Welcoming all the admitted students for class of 2019!

Hearst Castle (8)

With SWE and SEAOC

IM Sports Spring Quarter (4)

Flag Football and Soccer

Community Service Spring Quarter (5)

Almond Acres visit to Cal Poly with Shake Table demo, Rainworks event, and Concrete Hands

PSWC 2016 (28)

Hosted by CSULB

E-Week (5)

SCE teamed up with WaterWorks to teach fellow Cal Poly Engineers about the current drought, groundwater, stormwater management, and Low Impact Development

Archery (12)

WSCL (6)

Each year our student chapter sends a few SCE members who show great leadership potential to the annual Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders. This year's workshop was held in Anchorage Alasks! They even got to experience a 7.1 magnitude earthquake on their last night!

Whiting-Turner Firm Tour (8)

With a stop at Fenton's of course!

Community Service Winter Quarter (14)

Cal Poly Cat Program and Building Big Week

IM Sports Winter Quarter (8)

Soccer and Basketball

CE/ENVE Career Fair and Networking Session (9)

SCE and SENVE hosted the annual Civil and Environmental Engineering Career Fair on Friday, January 15th with over 80 companies in attendance. This year we also hosted a Networking Session on Thursday January 14th.

IM Fall Sports (8)

Softball, Soccer and Volleyball this quarter

Tri-Tip Challenge (21)

For some reason decided to hike 3 mountains and watch the sunrise!

Project Team BBQ (4)

Each project team got to show how much fun they have.

Paddling Practices (11)

Having fun out at Morro Bay!

Club Beach Day (5)

Even though it was freezing and windy we still had lots of people come and play Frisbee, football and make smores!

Registration and BBQ (12)

Had over 190 members join this year! Thank you to everyone who joined :)