SCE Officer Elections

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The President is the face of SCE and leads the direction of the club. To hold this position you must have previously held an SCE officer position. High workload.

Executive Vice President
The Executive Vice President assists in leading the overall direction of the club and coordinates all professional development events throughout the year. Most importantly the Executive Vice President coordinates the annual Civil and Environmental Engineering Career Fair. Your job begins as soon as you are back in school with updating the company invitations, contact list, volunteers, and every other detail of the event. This is a very large commitment as the Career Fair is our primary source of fundraising for the club. You need to be organized, extremely good at delegating, able to conduct professional emails, and be assertive in order to get the job done and limit the number of problems that occur. The Executive Vice President must have previously held a position as an SCE officer or committee member. High workload.

Vice President of Events
The VP of Events coordinates all field trip and social events for the club. The VP of Events needs to be organized, excited and prepared to do a lot of planning with other clubs and professional organizations. This position takes a good amount of time, so make sure you have plenty available in your schedule. It may require you to make cold calls to companies for site tours. High workload.

Vice President of Community Service
As the community service officer you are in charge of coordinating and supplying an activity for any Learn by Doing lab, including Building Big and Building an Engineer days. There are also a few other volunteer opportunities outside of K-12 outreach that you are in charge of like Make a Difference Day, Wildflower, and any other 'volunteering' opportunity you see fit. All of these events take a good amount of coordinating, organization, and communication skills. You should have a genuine excitement for helping others and be motivated to get SCE members excited about volunteering as well. Med/High workload.

The Treasurer does all budgeting for the club and provides guidance to all officers while precisely keeping track of their budgets (especially those planning large events). This person must be prepared to be in frequent contact with our club faculty advisors and ASI to get reimbursement requests processed and to manage club funds. A strong sense of ethics and organization is important for this position. To hold this position you must have previously been an SCE officer. Med/High workload.

Recording Officer
The Recording Officer serves as a secretary to SCE and compiles our Student Chapter Annual Report. This report documents all of our club’s activities for the previous year and makes us eligible for student chapter awards from ASCE national. Med/High workload when working on the Annual Report. Med/Low workload after Annual Report is submitted.

Conference Coordinators (2)
As Conference Coordinator, you will have the opportunity to plan one of the largest, most attended SCE events of the year! Starting this year the position will be a team of three coordinators with two representatives from SCE and one from SENVE. The coordinators keep in contact with the host school (next year is Arizona State University) regarding new information, registration requirements, and events. They then convey this information to the attendees, also working closely with ASI for all paperwork required through the school. Great time and budget management, organizational skills, and determination are required for this position. Workload increases from Med to High until PSWC in April.

Corresponding Officer
The Corresponding Officer coordinates meeting speakers for the general meetings. This includes reaching out to past speakers and cold calling to find new ones in order to ensure that there is variety in the speakers and companies, and that they represent all the CE disciplines. You are also responsible for taking the meeting speakers out to dinner before the meeting and following up with them afterwards. Med workload.

Social Director
The Social Director is responsible for purchasing food and drinks at all general meetings, officer meetings, and events. Ideally this means you would have a car and some sort of credit card to make purchases and be reimbursed by the club, but it’s not a requirement. The Social Director also organizes the First General SCE meeting, which is always a BBQ event, and also plans the End of the Year Banquet that occurs at the end of the school year. Finally, to encourage people to branch out within the club, the Social Director plans short fun games to do at General Meetings. Med workload.

Membership Director
The membership director coordinates the SCE discount card, member registration and club apparel items. This person is expected to be able to spend time in SLO over summer to reach out to local businesses in person and get them on the discount card. This person should also be ready to work with local screen-printing companies to design and sell SCE apparel. Med workload.

Publicity Director
The publicity director is in charge of documenting SCE events and creating a social media presence for the club. This person should enjoy attending events, taking photos, and be comfortable with frequently posting to social media. The Publicity Director also creates a photo scrapbook at the end of the year that summarizes the events for the year and orders this scrapbook via Shutterfly or another equivalent service. Med/Low workload.

Sports Director
This position requires you to act as manager and coach of the various SCE intramural teams. As sports director you will sign SCE up for intramural sports each quarter, and oversee the team throughout the season. Attendance to all of the IM sports games is highly recommended. You don’t have to be good at sports, just willing to learn the rules. Pick up sports, usually held on Friday are also run by the Sports Director. Additionally you will put on the annual SCE golf tournament, which requires decent organizational skills. Med/High when coordinating golf tournament. Med/Low otherwise.

Newsletter Editor
The Newsletter Editor creates a newsletter for each SCE meeting as well as the interest lists. You will be responsible for gathering the information from fellow officers about past events as well as events that are coming up. You are also responsible for printing the newsletters for each meeting (don't worry, you'll be reimbursed) and renting iPads from the library prior to the meeting for the interest list. Your job is to stand at the door and make sure that everyone who comes into the meeting gets a newsletter. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to get involved, but may have other commitments. Low workload.

The Webmaster is in charge of our website at This person does not need to know how to code in HTML, but they should be willing to read through code and learn enough about the website to make edits to it throughout the year. Low workload.

Alumni-Faculty Relations
This position is in charge of all relations with Faculty and Alumni. This includes planning the annual Student-Faculty BBQ as well as the annual Alumni BBQ & Softball game. This position also email out a quarterly newsletter to Alumni. Alumni Newsletters will probably take about 10 hours to put together as you will need to gather information about every event that occurred in the quarter you are presenting. Med/High workload when planning the Faculty BBQ and the Alumni BBQ & Softball game. Low workload otherwise.