General Meetings

The heart of SCE lies within the General Meetings. They serve as a time for our fellow civil engineering students to participate in informative talks with company representatives from all aspects of civil engineering. General meetings are held every other Wednesday night, typically at 7 pm. Check Kay's weekly emails to confirm the time and place! Please contact the Corresponding Officer, John Ross, at if you are interested in speaking at a general meeting.

info sessions

Info sessions are a great way for you to spread the word about your company and recruit students for internship or full-time positions. Info sessions cost $250 which covers food, parking, and marketing for the event. Please email the Executive Vice President, Amy Moran, at if you would like to set up an info session for your company at Cal Poly.

Community Service

Please email the Vice President of Community Service, Christopher Amaro , at for questions, comments, or suggestions pertaining to community service events. Please also feel free to email Chris for more details about upcoming community service events.

Intramural Sports are a great way to meet fellow SCE members and stay active in the club. Different sports are played throughout the year and anybody can participate on our IM teams barring ASI restrictions. Remember to bring your student ID and a black/white T-shirt to every game.  Contact the sports director, Nick Baker, at if you are interested or have any questions.

IM sports

Mentorship is a program where we invite members to collaborate with each other and network with students of all backgrounds and experiences. Please contact our Mentorship Chair, Paige Hermanson, at for questions, comments, or suggestions pertaining to mentorship events.